Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who's ADA?

I just wrote about meeting Hillary Clinton over at A Different Light.   Before I was able to get inside, I was sent around to a few different doors and lines, one of which had a dozen steps. It took over a half hour to get inside in addition to the special transportation arrangements that had to be made. And after the event was over, it took an extra hour for me to leave. This extra time and expense is all part and parcel of the mobility advocacy  I talk about that needs working on so all of us can be more mobile, not just those of us with certain mobility devices or equipment - but all of us. 

"ADA! ADA!" the guards kept yelling as I was sent from one line to another.  One Democratic party worker asked me "Who's ADA?" to which I chuckled. 

Who indeed is ADA? And where has he/she gone, leaving her friend in the wheelchair out in the cold? The party worker added "Not much of a friend to leave you here and go inside without you" before I could stop chuckling. I was going to explain they were talking about the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Nah. It was just too precious.

I know ADA. And he's wrong. ADA was right next to me the whole time. She just can't seem to do enough to make things work.