Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year of Unanticipated Changes

Of course, aren't all years like that to a degree? This year was full of change for me on a very personal level in many ways. What's been interesting is that those changes resulted in the opening of doors to new relationships.

It will forever be the year that my youngest nephew began high school and conquered the Iliad and the Odyssey with sheer determination and grit. Some very excellent grades despite the tough coursework. Well done.

The year my sister cheerfully came on board as my personal care assistant to help,out after Meredith moved to Baltimore where she continues to thrive as a writer and remains a wonderful friend and ally.

The year two of my nephews graduated college and are moving on to earn Master degrees. So proud. A third nephew switched his major to journalism, a bold brave move. And my sole niece continues to study at U of Penn.

Dear in my heart are the prayers surrounding my oldest nephews serious motorcycle accident this fall. He's recuperating after surgery, in much less pain and moving around better. Hopefully back to college as his health allows.

It was also the year my Buddy of Blessed Memory passed away, a companion cat with a personality as large as any room. And the arrival of my kitten Riley who rescued me.

I'm looking forward to another year of unanticipated changes. I hope yours will be happy and healthy. Thanks for reading my blog (and enduring all the cat posts especially ) and for your emails and prayers during my nephews ordeal.

Happy New Year! On to 2011.....

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