Thursday, December 30, 2010

The tri city melt down

The mailman emerged from the frozen tundra for the first time yesterday since the blizzard over the weekend. He brought a Christmas card in a red envelope dated December 21 I bet it had quite the journey

I haven't seen UPS around although some folks say Fed Ex is delivering in some places. although we're plowed out somewhat the openings are narrow and none of it is wheelchair friendly. Hopefully the big meltdown will occur the end of the week as temperatures rise.

Of course temperatures have already risen in New York city as you've probably heard. Streets haven't even been plowed in many areas leading to tragic deaths, stuck ambulances and an inability of people to get out to shop for food, medical care or work. These are the kinds of situations where words like crippled or paralyzed get tossed around in headlines because people still don't get that it's a lack of equipment and services that keep disabled folks immobilized, not our disability .

Given the right circumstances any of us can become stuck At least Mother Nature, however, can and will melt the snow eventually


FridaWrites said...

Hoping you're staying warm and safe!

Ruth said...

I am thanks! Happy holidays to you :)