Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting it Done- The Little Sisters

via YouTube

Jorden is away for the week...as a family we have had to do a lot of stuff that we are used to not doing because Jorden steps up and helps tremendously. Every time we go somewhere Jorden helps Erin by putting her walker in the car... We were on our way to dinner and I told the girls to get in the car...and I found them working together to put Erin's walker in the trunk. Even though it such a challenge for both of them...then don't give up! What an example for all of us to live by!

Eden Little is a Mom of three children who all have cerebral palsy. She is writing a daily blog about how it is to raise three children with cerebral palsy as a single mother and a Special Education Teacher. See her authenticity as she gets through the daily trials while living and playing life to it's fullest! To follow the Little Family daily go to www.thelittlelife.net

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