Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A few of my favorite bloggers

There's always so much going on around the blogosphere, that even though I receive emails, twitter messages and subscribe to lots of blogs, I miss some of them. So I thought I'd put up a few of the posts I've seen instead of just sharing them on my sidebar as usual. I read disability blogs (of course), faith blogs, film blogs, and anything else that strikes my fancy, so strap yourself in for a ride. Maybe you'll find a new blog you like.

Kenny over at The Traveling Wheelchair, who does accessibility reviews, has posted up a video about his transition from institutional to community living.

You can find his post about this video, including a narrative, over at his blog.

Dave is hosting a holiday tea - with cheese (wish I was there!)

Greg over at Pitt Rehab writes about sports (yes!), disability issues and more.

Wildkat blog has a great article breaking the myths about being "Wheelchair bound".

Terri has more on the R word.

Roger Ebert, who also writes about his disability, is posting the top ten documentaries of 2009. Head on over if you missed his top ten films and indie films list or check out Lance Mannion's post about it - and Lance's posts on film, politics and current events, among other topics.

The Bad Cripple is writing about technological and social change.

Frida needs power chair advice between two models she's looking at. Head on over if you can help her out, please.

Not Dead Yet is writing about the Final Exit Network in the news.

Googling God is writing about spiritual challenges - and Facebook.

Over at Disability Studies, Temple U, Penny Richards blogs about Virginia McKinney, a figure from disability history, who founded and ran the Center for Communicative Development in Koreatown. You might want to check out this blog for information on the Disability blog carnival as well and other important announcements.

The Rolling Rains Report has two studies about traveling with a disability up. While you're over there, take a step back (or roll back)and have a look at Scott Rain's wonderful travel resource and award-winning work for the disability community.

Wheelchair Dancer writes about her experiences with NYC transit.

Liturgy blogs about Christmas resources.

Peter over at the Digital Awakening writes about a road trip and the fine food he had. Ever been traveling, need an accessible room because you have a disability and hesitate? Well you may not after you see what Katja's blog has to say about how an AB uses accessible rooms.

epatient Dave writes about how there is no billing code for compassion. Dave is also writing about internet access and health care issues.

A fine review of Up in the Air can be seen over at The Chutry Report.

A woman with cancer received a surprise visit - from over 400 carolers! Blue Girl has her own Christmas song recording here.

Planet of the Blind found a fully accessible ginger bread house. Steve also has a preview of his new work up. Here's your chance to link to a blog that has exquisite and poetic writing.

And over at More Meredith Gould, the Magi meet the Cardinals. Not the baseball team. Well, here's the picture. (The birds! The birds!)

That's it for now. The management reserves the right to update. The management also points out that these fine bloggers have many other fine posts on almost a daily basis and wishes to thank them for all their blogging which keeps this blogger blogging. The management invites you, the reader, to add your own links, blog name, favorite blog links, etc . in the comments. If you have a new blog, you're especially encouraged to speak up, since that's a great way to get on blogrolls.



Katja said...

Thanks for a great list of links!

Wheelie Catholic said...

Thanks for stopping by, Katja :)

FridaWrites said...

I love Kenny's house! Thanks for all the links.

Greg said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! And all the Great Links, I hope you have a great Christmas! Take care

Wheelie Catholic said...

Merry Christmas, Greg and Frida :)

Kenny said...

Thanks for posting my video on community living. I participated in the DDS Community Living video to help others realize how important it is for persons with disABILITIES to live a full and active life in the community.

I wish you a Happy and Healthy Christmas & Holiday Season filled with Warmth and Blessed by Peace and Access!