Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top Ten Ways for Managers to Screw Up Under the ADA

10 . After the corporation spends money building accessible bathrooms that fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, allow janitors to leave heavy and large trash cans in front of the handicap stall door.

9. When told that an employee laughed at a customer with a disability who asked for assistance , laugh at the customer.

8. When asked by the corporation to train employees about how to assist customers under the ADA, rent a wheelchair so they can pop wheelies for an afternoon.

7. While interviewing a potential employee with any disability, speak as loudly as possible.

6. If a customer in a wheelchair says all the aisles in your store are too narrow to pass, casually kick a carton out of the way and say "There you go".

5. When told the bathroom stall isn't wheelchair accessible, tell the customer to just "hold it".

4. When a customer with a disability coming from 300 miles away complains because he reserved a handicap room at your hotel and your clerk gave it to someone else , say in a loud authoritative voice "Well, you're not the only one in the world who is disabled!"

3. When a customer with a disability says that he was refused assistance in your store, call over the employee and ask "Did this person say it was okay with him not to help him?" and nod vigorously to prompt the employee. When the employee says "Yes", tell the customer that he handled it wrong.

2. When someone complains that your store still has no ramp, tell them you're covered under the grandfather clause.

1. When told you're in violation of the ADA, ask "What's that?"


Leo said...

hilarious! Letterman-worthy.

great TOP 10 list

(unfortunately many of these are true)

Ruth said...

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I recently read three blog entries by Kimberley (WildKat) from back in 2007, in which she tried out three hotels in Halifax, NS, and found the first two to be entirely inaccessible and the third to be not much better. I'd never imagined that hotels this size would have only one accessible room or that they'd not thought to make the lift buttons useable. Here they are.

Matt Smith

Anonymous said...

You forgot the links. Here they are.


Ruth said...

They didn't cut and paste very well- thanks for adding them!

william Peace said...

How about the top ten stupid things people say to people that use a wheelchair?

Ruth said...

Will have to do that next!

Anonymous said...

Here's one list.


Matt Smith