Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phillies win Game 1 of the World Series

...and Cliff Lee casually catches a ball behind his back as he pitches a 6-1 game. The Christian Science Monitor's headline is:

Cliff Lee beats Yankees with one hand behind his back

He's being called a "cool customer" in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning.

Two homers by Utley have Philly sports writers talking about Ut-lee this morning. Utley, says writer Bob Ford, set the tone for the series - again.

About the only complaints in Philly this morning are from the Inquirer journalists, who spent the game in far from glamorous conditions.

Frank Fitzpatrick writes:

Four hours before Game 1, the main press box resembled the Tokyo subway. Bodies and computers made things impassable. The adjoining work rooms were overflowing too, the precious spots apparently having been claimed at dawn by savvy veteran journalists.

And it got worse from there.

You can see a video of post game interviews here.

On to Game 2.

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