Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dr. Oaks, the coach

The Body and Soul soccer team at St. John's Hospice has the backing of some special people: Sr. Mary Scullion, Jon Bon Jovi and Dr.Wilbur Oaks. They all play a part in helping the homeless men find employment and giving them a chance. Sr. Mary Scullion sends along team members, Jon Bon Jovi helps keep it running and Dr. Oaks coaches soccer and life skills.

The doctor still teaches 25 hours a week at Hahnemann University Hospital after being there for 51 years. He played soccer until his knee went bad at age 65. He spent this year coaching basics. He has three goals for the Body and Soul soccer team, he says:

"I want to make them a better person," he said. "I want to make them a better athlete. And I want to get them a job."

And he believes that the lessons learned on the soccer field will translate into success off the field for the homeless team members.
"Learn something from the loss, then win the next one," he instructs. "It's all up and down. That's what sports is about. That's what life is about."

St. John's Hospice Mission is:
Saint John’s Hospice
seeks to be a community
grounded in
faith and service
where homeless persons
find dignity,
and opportunities

for new beginnings.

You can find a link to St. John's Hospice here. For a list of ongoing items that are needed or other ways to help, click here.

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