Monday, March 17, 2008

Was it done by leprechauns?

Yesterday I discovered that my local Starbucks has indeed taken steps to make it accessible - it lowered the pick up counter to an accessible height and added a wider seating area where you can sit in a wheelchair comfortably. 

When Starbucks closed for three hours recently, I wrote a post saying I hoped they would take the opportunity to make their stores more accessible , because I had spoken to them about the access issues and the problems that ensued. Since I did that, I want to follow up with a positive post!

This is an excellent way for businesses to get- and keep-  more customers with disabilities, by addressing their needs in a timely manner. 

But it made me wonder, if it was done during those three hours, if leprechauns were involved....

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Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor and glad to know there's one more accessible place I can go to now!