Thursday, March 20, 2008

Walking the dog

Every morning I watch my neighbor walk her  large, fat,  elderly beagle.  On their way back home, he stops and sniffs the ground, then sits down and refuses to move until she picks him up. She  says to him "We're supposed to be taking a walk."  When she puts him back down on the ground, he sits again. Eventually she carries him home.

I've watched this every day for years. It happens the same way each time.

One day my friend and I asked her about it and she said "He gets mad if I make him walk too far. I extended his walk to help him lose weight and now he just sits down and goes on strike."

"That must be embarrassing," my friend said. It was indeed a comical sight, this small, petite woman holding her very large beagle.

She shrugged. "No, why should I be embarrassed?  I'm doing this because I know it needs to be done."

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Jeremy said...

Of course it isn't your dog, but I think that you and your friend should offer the dog's owner some advice.

You know what really needs to be done? That dog needs to have its food intake restricted. Which is easy for people to do, if they really care for their pets.

I had a vet friend who swore by the all-residential and closely supervised onion diet. You put a fat dog in a cage with a raw onion and fresh water. When the dog is ready to eat the onion, it is ready to go home.

Of course, you still need to re-educate the owner ...