Monday, March 3, 2008

Fortune cookie capers

Yesterday Meredith opened the fortune cookies that were sitting on my counter from getting takeout last week. (I'm always amused by fortune cookies, although I don't take them seriously, of course, as Fr. Z advises in this piece.  However, I once wrote an amusing story, which I lost, about trying to open a fortune cookie with various assistive devices. Mayhem ensued. And you know what? I did try to open a fortune cookie one day when I was alone and became frustrated at waiting to see what's inside. Had to do it. Hammer. Duct tape. Ugly scene.

Anyway, there were two fortune cookies. The first indicated that I would succeed in medical research, which was rather nondescript - and a tad odd.  Lab rat? Scientist? Ah, well, we'll never know.

The second, however, said "You are exciting and inspirational."  Inspirational? Me? Egads, some of you know how I feel about that. Meredith couldn't stop laughing and  I told her that must be her fortune cookie, not mine.

As Fr. Z. points out in the link above, fortune cookies are usually filled with platitudes and should not be taken seriously! All the more evidence. 

However, this morning I went looking for the fortune cookie message. I found the first one, but not the second.  Hopefully it was ripped into tiny pieces and sent where all platitudes belong - in the garbage.