Monday, February 4, 2008

You Make the World A Better Place Award

Last night I found out that I've received a blogging award from Elena over at My Domestic Church (thank you!) I'm going to award this to five bloggers.

There are only 3 simple rules to follow.

use Ukok’s ‘You make the world a better place’ image in your post.
link to Ukok’s Place.
Award 5 bloggers.

So here's my list of five bloggers who get this award - and why:

Katja at broken clay (Katja has helped me so many times with feedback and her experiences that I can't count them! and she does it for others as well - thank you)

Blue Girl in a Red State (whose writing makes me think, makes me laugh and most importantly, touches my heart)

Simi Linton over at Disability Culture Watch (whose seminal writings have made the world a better place)

dirty butter over at her blog (dirty butter not only blogs about parkinson's disease and peripheral neuropathy, networking to help others, but started Blog Village to get the word out about other blogs. one of my favorite folks in the blogosphere!)

cause of our joy (for her work on behalf of children and babies with Down Syndrome)

[visual description: White flowers are shown on a black background. In the upper right corner are the words You Make the World a Better Place.]