Monday, February 4, 2008

Come to the Table: A Catholic Passover Seder for Holy Week

Come to the Table: A Catholic Passover Seder for Holy Week by Meredith Gould, Ph.D. invites Christians to appreciate more fully the Last Seder where Jesus established the Eucharist as a sacrament.

A traditional Jewish seder adapted for home and parish use, The book Come to the Table includes:

Hebrew prayers in English.
Easy-to-follow instructions for conducting the seder.
Details about Passover symbols and their significance relative to the sacraments, with citations to Hebrew and Christian scripture.
Extensive commentary about historical tensions between Christians and Jews, and conditions for reconciliation.
Guidelines for preparing traditional Passover fare and setting the holiday table.

This book is an indispensable guide to interfaith families during Passover and Holy Week, as well as for anyone who seeks a fuller understanding of these traditions and their roots. The book is available for purchase at as well as  on the author's site

On her blog, Meredith Gould writes:
"Years ago, I decided to create a seder that would reveal Judaism's legacy to Catholics by highlighting the symbolic (and liturgical) similarities of our faiths. I also wanted Catholics to better understand the history of Jewish-Catholic tensions and to appreciate the challenges of reconciliation. And, I wanted to make all this available in a book that provided practical instructions for creating a seder in either a parish or home setting. Not too ambitious, eh?"

To read more about this book by the author, click here.