Monday, February 25, 2008

On snowshoes and not everyone being out

Yesterday a friend and I went for a walk in my neighborhood. Although the snow was melting, it was still a bit like going on winter trails, complete with unshoveled mounds of snow on sidewalks, curbcuts and deep puddles from melt off. 

I did a few "roll abouts" where I just went into the street and stayed there to avoid the sidewalks of homeowners who didn't shovel.  My friend commented that she should have brought her snowshoes along.  A passing motorist honked at me and pointed at the sidewalk. 

"As if, " I said "that's a viable option."

My friend peered at the snow covered sidewalk that hadn't seen a shovel. "No, it's not."

Then we came upon an older couple walking along. The woman said "Ooooh everyone's out today!"

I looked over my shoulder, but everyone was looking at me. "Everyone?" I asked.

"Everyone!" her husband echoed and they happily slap-clapped each other on the back. 

"Oooh, not everyone," I said. 

They looked at me and kept walking. 

Of course I continued speaking while my friend cringed. "Only those of us who can afford power chairs that can go through the snow. No, let me correct that. Only those of us with ramps who can afford power chairs -"

"I should have brought my snow shoes," my friend said. "Do you know that I might upgrade? There's a pair that you can buy with special boots that give you better traction."

I looked at her. "And what do those cost?"

She shrugged. "An extra hundred dollars."

A hundred dollars, eh, I thought, looking down at my ten thousand dollar power chair that I got for half that and am still paying off. And will be paying off.  And paying off. 

No, not everyone is out.