Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For parents: My cerebral palsy

David at Growing Up with a Disability posts information for parents of children with disabilities, answering questions about things like school, medical issues, fitting in with peers and decisions his parents and now he makes about living with a disability

He writes:

I have decided to share a little about my cerebral palsy because I see that parents of young children with CP have so many questions. I had been reluctant to share too much personal information, because I don't want it to detract from what's really important - namely, that people are people, disability is part of human diversity, and that I think loving your child is the most important thing you can do as a parent. Working to reduce the societal barriers to inclusion and respect comes second. I know that the parents whose blogs I check out now and then get that. So, this is for you parents. I hope it helps in some way.

Don't miss this post - it's quite extraordinary in its scope and will definitely teach you something if you take a moment to read it.