Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally! A page turner for the rest of us...

If you've been waiting, as I have, for an automatic page turner that doesn't cost thousands of dollars, in September 2008 watch out for the PageFlip, a device that will sell for approximately $299.

Yesterday after yet another day of struggling to get through piles of papers with a headpointer, duct tape and whatever else I can muster up, I went looking to see if the 5000 dollar GEWA was perhaps on sale (a blue light special in a Walmart perhaps? Odd Lot picking up a few extras?) Ok so I'm a dreamer. I did find the less expensive ($3600 or so oh boy) Flip Automatic Page Turner. ( I'll share the least expensive price I found in case one of you is interested.)

When I told Meredith what that one cost, she just sighed. I sighed too and asked her to flip through some pages for me.

This morning I decided - let me google Flip Automatic Page Turner again and since the name is similar arrived at the PageFlip site. Finding that it's funded through a grant to make assistive technology affordable for people with disabilities and 'avid readers' (a chronic condition!), and knowing I have both, I thought - voila.

September 2008. In the meantime, the specs are here. For more information on the history of page turning devices, click here.