Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If Steve Jobs' team was in charge of designing wheelchairs...

After seeing the ads yesterday for the introduction of the new Macbook Air, I couldn't help but think what could happen if that kind of effort went into wheelchair design. (We might even get a power chair out of the mix that is more rain resistant, huh? Okay so I'm being completely unreasonable wanting that...NOT).

Just imagine an ad campaign:

The lightest wheelchair - the Wheelchair Air! Designed with the consumer in mind, it not only has wireless ability to download GPS, entertainment and research off the internet, you can also remotely download repairs and upgrades from another PC/Mac. This wheelchair saves valuable inches in the width so you can fit more easily in restrooms wherever you travel and traverse those aisles with ease. It has a built in (not optional) shock system to help prevent spasms and a rough ride because it's metallic design needs to coexist with the smoothest ride possible. Not only does the new Wheelchair Air come in a manual version, but there's an optional joystick/power accessory that you can add. This accessory will only cost an additional four hundred dollars, making this wheelchair an affordable and futuristic choice for power chair users who want the design of a manual chair but need the power features. Every part of the power system has been coated to be water resistant, reducing the user's need in current chairs to protect these features from rain and snow and increases the user's freedom. We call this product optimization for the user's needs, making the product work for the user, not the user work for the product.

Along these lines, the tires on the new Wheelchair Air represent the latest puncture proof technology while providing a comfortable ride. You'll feel like you're riding on air - but you don't need to worry about tire pressure because one wireless remote download every week instantly upgrades every feature on this chair, while simultaneously alerting you to any loose parts and making repairs that you need, reducing the need to waste time dealing with repair visits and loss of the use of your wheelchair.

The Wheelchair Air. Because wheelchairs should be given as much attention as cool gadgets. Don't you think?

(thanks to Barb for her assistance in putting up this post!)