Tuesday, October 9, 2007

UK Mom seeks hysterectomy for daughter with CP

In another case reminiscent of Ashley X, a mother seeks a hysterectomy for her 15 year old daughter who has CP, saying that it would be in the daughter's best interest, according to this BBC article.

The director of Scope, Andy Rickell, disagrees, stating that :

"It is very difficult to see how this kind of invasive surgery, which is not medically necessary and which will be very painful and traumatic, can be in Katie's best interests. This case raises fundamental ethical issues about the way our society treats disabled people and the respect we have for disabled people's human and reproductive rights. Scope is concerned that doctors are supporting parents in this case. If this enforced sterilisation is approved it will have disturbing implications for young disabled girls across Britain."

In the article, Rickell urges the government to place extra legal safeguards for the protection of people with disabilities and do more to assist those who care for them, noting there should be "a clear framework put in place for dealing with ethical decisions of this complexity, which places the rights, and best interests, of disabled children at the heart of any decision."

The article goes on to state that :

"Simone Aspis, of the UK's Disabled People's Council, said the case was about Katie's human rights.

She said: "It is very clear to us that no operation should be undertaken if there is absolutely no clinical benefit to the person concerned.

"The operation should not be carried out under these circumstances. We are very aware there are other methods of medical intervention that can be done to help control Katie's pain.

"There's lots of non-disabled women who also experience discomfort in their periods.

"Doctors wouldn't even anticipate in recommending to a parent that their child should have their womb removed. Why should it be the case for this person simply because she is disabled?

"As far as we're concerned that is totally and utterly unacceptable."

via BBC.co.uk

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JM said...

OMG I am endlessly amazed at the crazy things people have or try to have done to their disabled kids. If this little girl were not disabled, such an action from a parent would not even be considered. Another example of socially sanctioned child abuse, I'm afraid.