Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Illinois woman sues McDonald's after being denied service due to disability

[visual description: Dawn Larson, who was born with underdeveloped hands and arms, demonstrates how she hands over her credit card with her feet from her car.] vIa SunTimes

A woman who uses her feet as hands has filed a lawsuit against 2 McDonald's restaurants after two incidents involving alleged discrimination in which employees refused her service due to her disability.

"In her lawsuit filed last week against the Rockford, Ill., McDonald's chain, Larson claims staff refused to serve her after she paid by credit card with her left foot for $23.59 of food last November, the paper reported.

"What's the matter with you? . . . You ain't got no arms. ... Let me see your arms," an employee allegedly told Larson with a tone of disgust, withdrawing the bags of food from Larson's outstretched foot, the paper said, citing the lawsuit."

Via Foxnews.com

Dawn Larson, who was born with Holt-Oram Syndrome, said "I drank my baby bottle with my feet. Nobody ever taught me how to do it, I just did it. I can ride a regular 10-speed bike. I can swim. It has not been a problem in my life at all. It didn't stop me from having four boys. I've never dropped one of them."

She also told the Chicago Sun Times that she felt harassed and embarrassed when she was refused service and just wanted the food she bought so she could feed her children.


betterolls said...

I notice the restaurants deny these claims. I've seen fast food employees act like this toward disabled customers. They run their mouths off while wearing their work uniforms and it really needs to be addressed. Good for her.

bint alshamsa said...

I'm glad she's pursuing this. She shouldn't have to show them anything other than her credit card. How dare they ask to see her arms!!

FranBest.Com said...

I disagree, but invite your comments.
I've posted 11 reasons this woman doesn't deserve sympathy. Well, OK, sympathy... but NO money.


I would think you would offended by this money and PR grab.

betterolls said...

Keep the sympathy. The lesson to be learned here by business people is that old fashioned beliefs about disabilities don't belong in the equation. This woman's civil rights are being violated. Keep the sympathy and give the woman service.

As far as your comment about "money and PR grab" considering you represent franchises that comment isn't suprising. Remember that your businesses in the US are expected to follow the ADA.