Thursday, June 7, 2007

Woman convicted of neglect of disabled relative

"A Fayette County woman faces up to 35 years in prison after being convicted of neglecting her mentally retarded cousin, who was found naked and covered in waste and sores in a camper-trailer on the woman's property.

A seven-men, five-women jury convicted Jewel Parsons on a charge of intentional neglect of an elder person on Tuesday after more than three hours of deliberations. Parsons, 44, of Fayetteville, also was found guilty of intentional neglect of an elder person, misappropriation of funds that belonged to an elder person and embezzlement by misuse of a fiduciary relationship, all felonies"

Via FoxNews

Her attorney argued to the jury that she gave her relative the same kind of care anyone else in her family did and that no one else wanted to do it. She brought her a meal every day and claimed she wanted to give her relative privacy.

The woman also misappropriated her cousin's money, spending it on items for herself such as tennis shoes and DVD's.

The cousin died a week after being found.


bluefrog said...

This case is a complete lie and an attack against a woman who is completely innocent. Jewel's cousin was NOT mentally retarded; only a hermit who didn't like the outside world. She was found in a chair after a stroke and was taken to the hospital for treatment for the sores caused by her urinating on herself over the course of a day.

Jewel did everything for this woman, and is now being treated like a criminal. If this is what happens to good people, then I would hate to see what happens to every one else in the world who offers to take care of their family.

-Myrna Maas (third cousin to Jewel)

bob said...

A jury found her guilty.

I would hate to see what happens to everyone else in the world if their family takes care of them like she did.