Thursday, June 7, 2007

A wheelchair built for two

[visual description: A man and a woman sit on a couch that has two large wheels at the sides. There are pedals in front of their feet to propel it.]

When I saw this picture, I realized that it might make more sense for me to design a double occupant rather than just a single passenger power chair since I seem to spend half my time convincing my cat that he doesn't have to ride shotgun with me. Ever since I got the power chair, my cat has displayed an inordinate amount of interest in it. This includes jumping up in my lap as I speed by, sleeping in the chair when I exit it, making re-entry an engineering feat, and overseeing the battery charging every night.

My cat never showed this kind of interest in my manual wheelchair. He would cuddle up for a nap on the air cushion once in a while but nothing like this. What makes this couch look good is that my cat is large. I call him fluffy and he is, but he also weighs in over 20 pounds. He could use his own seat. Sharing mine isn't working out.

Tonight I decided to put a kleenex box on the wheelchair when I transferred onto my armchair to keep the fluffy beast off of it. He peered up at the box, sulked and decided to jump in my lap where he stretched himself out to his full length, falling off the sides of the armchair and kicking me in my chin with his long legs. At least my wheelchair was empty and ready for me. The only problem was I couldn't get him off my lap so I could transfer back into it.

This could all be avoided if I had a couch on wheels. I could stay on my side and the cat could stay on his. It would be comfy.

The only difficulty would be getting around corners.


Penny L. Richards said...

Fun! At least until you try to fit it through a doorway, I guess... ;)

electroDude said...

I wouldn't mind having a couch wheelchair like that for when I watch movies with friends.