Monday, June 18, 2007

“This is the key lesson that disabilities advocates are trying to teach the rest of us. If we look at a case one way, it seems that the problem is the person’s physical disability. If we shift our view, we realize that the problem is not the disability, but rather the refusal of society to make reasonable and not terribly expensive accommodations to it.”
-Dr. Howard Brody

Hat tip to David over at Growing Up with a Disability for the link to a great article which this quote was in. I wish David bon voyage as he prepares to leave on his trip to Costa Rico tomorrow and send prayers and best wishes along with him. I know he will be a wonderful international ambassador.

[visual description: Photo of a river in Costa Rico surrounded by tropical trees.]


goldchair said...

Have a good trip David!

David said...

Thank you, Ruth. Thank you, Goldchair. Thank you for your good wishes and prayers. I feel like I am representing you and others on this trip, and I am grateful to have the opportunity.