Monday, June 18, 2007

Peter Singer's views have him ejected as speaker

"Every so many years some of the world's most eminent scholars and religious and political leaders meet in the Polish city of Gniezno to discuss matters pertaining to Europe, especially the uniquely European view of spirituality and the nature and dignity of man.
The Gniezno Congress--which traces its roots back to the year 1,000 when Otto III arrived at the tomb of bishop martyr St. Adalbert in the city of Gniezno--is regularly attended by numerous presidents of European Countries, and, in 1997, was attended by the Holy Father John Paul II during his landmark visit to Poland.
Peter Singer is the notoriously radical philosopher and bioethicist, whose approach to ethics includes advocating as morally acceptable sexual intercourse with animals, the killing of "undesirable" or disabled newborn infants and eugenic euthanasia and abortion.
However, earlier this year a number of Christian groups found out that the Congress had invited Singer and began complaining to organizers. A source close to the scene indicated that parents of Downs Syndrome children were prepared to protest the Congress if Singer did in fact end up attending. In the end, however, Congress officials decided to cancel Singer's invitation due to the controversy, and the activist's name was removed from Congress literature."

via LifeSite News


Aaron said...

Wow! What a powerful view for someone to have and talk about. They obviously don't understand how many people they were offending, to include the multitudes of "undesirable" children that grow up to be wonderful people who enjoy their lives.

TVS said...

Now he will wear this as a martyr's crown, and talk about how "religious fundamentalists stifle academic freedom." Want to bet lunch on it??

"If they do these things when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?"