Sunday, June 3, 2007

QuadPara Association of South Africa

{visual description: A photo of a man in a wheelchair holding up a sign that says "Quadriplegics demand equal access". Above his photo is lettering that reads: New QASA Publication: QASA has just published "Know Your Rights" 80 pages of info for persons with disabilities. Empower yourself and click here to download this publication.]

Hello to my friends in South Africa! I have a number of readers down there and wanted to share this organization's link just as a reminder to everyone of the international nature of our disability community. If you check out my map of readers, you'll see that I put on a translator because I blog only in English .

I love this website. They have things such as Quads4Quads, a Quad Squad, and celebrate life and disability in many supportive ways. But there are other reasons.

First of all, they have lots of pictures which is wonderful. Photos are a good way to communicate information about events and do disability education/awareness. Secondly, they are a very active organization, provide resources for self advocacy, are actively raising funds (empowering!) and keep their website current. Last, but not least, their website has something for everyone - disabled, able bodied, allies, etc. They run a piece on spinal cord injury prevention, show equipment/recreational/sports information, have started a computer learning program, offer opportunities for allies to get involved, etc.

This is the hallmark of true inclusion - it draws in every person to learn, to share, to relate. Go visit them by clicking the title of this post (sorry the picture doesn't work to do that)- you will come away enthused!

{visual description: A logo showing the words The QuadPara Association of South Africa says Buckle up! We don't want new members.]

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