Sunday, June 3, 2007

Immigration and Disability

Wheelchair Dancer posts in "Yank, Limey, Whatever" about filling out the forms to begin the process of applying for citizenship -

"First off, just think about disability, immigration, and work. The immigration ideal has every American standing on her own two feet, working for a living. Now, I can earn a living. But what if I was able to work yet unable to obtain employment in the US. What if I was not able to work? Could I be a disabled migrant? Assuming I could get to the US, that is, get safely out of my own country, how would I make my case to USCIS (former INS)? Would they be inclined to see me as a burden on social and medical services? Unable to be independent? Unable to take part in the bootstraps, self-sufficient American dream narrative?

And then there are the forms themselves. This was a real eyeopener. "

Yes it is. I haven't seen much written about immigration and the issue of disability except in a historical context - this post is a current experience. Click above to go read it.

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