Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A real page turner...

After pricing electronic page turners and discovering that the only effective one cost almost four thousand dollars without the attachments I need, I've decided for now to use a head pointer to turn pages on books, magazines and other printed material.

So I've been practicing with the head pointer. I'm not too thrilled with the idea . The first night I woke up and saw it on the wall in the dark, I had visions of Hannibal Lecter and the Man in the Iron Mask. I shuddered and went back to sleep.

I must admit, despite my lousy attitude toward the head pointer, it really does work. I read about 100 pages of a paperback novel tonight and could see my speed increasing. I do need more practice with it but am developing a pretty solid style.

When I became stuck on one page that simply would not turn for me, my cat jumped up on the arm of my chair and decided to try to help me turn the page. I think.

Anyway, he placed his big paw on the book but when the tip of the head pointer moved, his feline instincts overcame him and he decided to attack the tip of the headpointer. I moved my head to tell him to get away and the head pointer knocked him off of the arm of the chair.

I'm sure we will all adjust to the head pointer. Eventually.


Rosemary said...

Oh, I'm sure our cat would be right there, helping with every turn LOL.

Is this a new kitty, or did you have more than one?

Ruth said...

LOL I had two kitties - complete opposites by the way! He's loving being an only cat too.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a electronic page turner,I was able to get funding for it. I don't think I would have the neck strength arm to use the head pointer. A page turner that I have is called the GEWA page turner. It works very well.

Ruth said...

Hi Matt! That's great that you got a GEWA page turner. I hear what you're saying about the head pointer - I use it because I can't afford the GEWA.