Sunday, May 27, 2007

The only cat syndrome

[visual description: A photo of my cat, a black and white tuxedo long hair Angora.}

We've all heard about the only child syndrome. But not enough has been written about the only cat syndrome.

Usually I live with two cats but when Murphy passed away this year, I decided to give it a go with having one cat - my three year old male named Buddy. I was a bit concerned that he might be lonely being an only cat. I thought perhaps he might go through a grief process and wander around looking for the cat who died as I've seen other cats do.

It was not an issue. I never saw Buddy look for Murphy although he did immediately take over her bowl. He also took her place in bed, the spot reserved for the cat with the most territorial rights. When I asked "Do you miss Murphy?" he yawned, rolled over and showed his fluffy belly for me to pet.

Alrighty then. So much for his need for feline companionship. As the days went on, Buddy eased ever more comfortably into the role of the only cat. I no longer had to multi task between two cats. He didn't have to share "lap time". He discovered that he could jump up in my wheelchair any time - no waiting, no number to take. He figured out that he came first. He loved it.

So yesterday Meredith comes over and says she saw a really nice white cat in Petco and almost got it for me. Buddy, who was on the bed, narrowed his eyes. I asked about the cat and Buddy turned and gave me a look. I must be imagining this, but I swear he shook his head no . And I said to her "I don't think Buddy would like that." He sighed, laid down and closed his eyes.

Alrighty then.

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betterolls said...

That's a real Hollywood shot - he's gorgeous.