Sunday, May 27, 2007

No one should have to heal alone

Marines don't go into battle alone. One Marine, who woke up in a hospital bed after an injury to his head from mortar, decided that they shouldn't have to heal alone either.

"Col. Maxwell had a wife and two children to go home to after he was wounded. But he thought of the Marines fresh from high school whose parents live in other states, and the men and women who joined the corps to get away from home or had none to return to.
Where would they go while their buddies were still at war?
Today, 30 injured Marines live together in former officers' quarters modified with wheelchair ramps and grab rails. Most of the staffers at the barracks are wounded, too.
...As the program expanded from just a few men, the team split into three squads. One heads to the Camp Lejeune hospital to coordinate doctors' appointments and medications and check on Marines arriving on medevac flights.
The others work in public affairs or serve as teachers' aides at Johnson Primary School." Via

Maxwell Hall is a place where wounded warriors gather as a final stage of healing after going through hospitals, surgeries and the like.

Click above to read the entire article on this Memorial Day weekend.

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