Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014- The Year of the Duct Tape

So it seems I almost missed putting a New Year's post up because I was busy celebrating the New Year!

As a professor told me back when I was in my teens in college "There's plenty of time to write, just go get some life experience first!"   I took his words to heart apparently because I never have written that book I planned.

And now alas this extends to my blogging habits too.  Not surprising, since my life is so full of experiences.

The experience of caregiver turnover during the holidays. Always a challenge to get new caregivers started when understandably they don't know me from a hole in the ground and could care less whether I'm eating, have clean clothes, etc.  Thank the Lord for good friends who stop by and bring food (bless you Meredith and Dan), take my laundry (Kerry and Marianne), so the caregivers who loyally remain (Cathy) don't drop in their tracks.

My apologies to those whose holiday visits included washing dishes, cleaning kitchen counters and taking out garbage.

The miracle is that I have any friends left at all but surprisingly I do - and very good ones at that. The best.

Oh and the duct tape thing.   That's my Big Plan for next year when the Same Frigging Thing Happens - when everyone wanders away , quits or disappears into thin air during the holidays.

I will duct tape things on and manage.  In fact I plan on practicing all year for that.  Starting ...tomorrow.  I think.

Happy New Year everyone.

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