Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ronnie Lane, his music and MS

Ever heard of Ronnie Lane and his music?

Maybe not, but his musical roots certainly spread to those you have - Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart,  Pete Townshend, et. al.   He hailed from the East End and began his career sporting three piece suits.

Born on April Fool's day, Lane was a character.  His dad told him as a kid that if he learned to play an instrument, he'd always have a friend.

After finding success with the group The Faces, Lane ran away to join the circus - sort of-  and did a solo act called the Passing Show.  This involved a caravan of equipment that was designed to travel at the rate of 40mph below the speed limit and often broke down.  Oh - and he also bought land and began to raise sheep.

This video of Anymore for Anymore, his first album with Slim Chance, was recorded on that farm. You can hear kids running around playing in the background.

And here's one of my favorites from Slim Chance - How Come?

In the late 70's signs of multiple sclerosis appeared and Lane's career slowed down, although he continued to perform - sometimes from a wheelchair - in local clubs in Austin Texas.

Love his music.

If you'd like to check out more about Lane, a documentary on YouTube is available.

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Dawn Eden said...

Nice to find another Catholic who likes Ronnie Lane! I was blessed to interview him by phone, years before my conversion. I have wondered if he was Catholic, as the Small Faces' "Song of a Baker," which he wrote and sang, sounds Eucharistic. God bless you!