Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Writing about Newtown - Not Just What the Media is Saying- The Disability Community's Response

This blog post is meant to compile a list of online blog posts, statements and pieces written about Newtown - some by the media - and to provide a place for writings by members of the disability community about the shooting in Newtown and its aftermath.

As a result, I don't/won't necessarily agree with all the posts - the media has misrepresented numerous issues regarding disability about this tragedy. And we all know how diverse our community is, but I think it's important to have our voices heard on some of these issues.

It's far different to have a dialogue about disability issues than a rush to judgment based on speculation and ignorance. For example, discussions about better access to mental health care and improved gun laws are positive, but labeling is not. Stereotypes need to be addressed and outed.  I'm not suggesting by posting this that discussions shouldn't happen - in fact, I believe that our society needs to address access to mental health care and stigma  and improved gun laws as soon as possible.

Readers are invited to add more links to the comments.   If you haven't written a post and want to, do it. Add it to the comments.

Can I Hide Somewhere Until It's Over?

I Tried

Planet of the Blind: Newtown Shootings

Autism, Empathy and Violence: One of These Things Doesn't Belong here

Don't Blame Autism for Newtown

Newtown Shootings: Media Coverage Creates Dangerous Stereotypes of People with Autism

Connecticut Shooting Raises Questions about Autism

Lanza, Autism and Violence

After Sandy Hook: Why Mental Illness Matters

MentalHealthCop: Newtown

I'm An Autistic Person, Not a Killer

(ASAN) Autistic Self Advocacy Network's Statement on Media Reports re Newtown

Age of Autism Responds to Newtown CT Autism Allegation in Media

Statement by Autism Speaks

Autism Society of  America on Newtown Shootings

WP Autism Authority Criticizes Media Reports Newtown Shooter Had Autism

Thinking the Unthinkable

Asperger’s Syndrome Not To Blame For Newtown Tragedy So Don’t Start Maligning Autistic Kids

Asperger's Can't Explain What happened in Newtown School Shooting Experts Say

Special Education: An Overlooked Factor to the Newtown Tragedy

People Searching for Answers : Terms Leading People to Left Brain/Right Brain articles about Newtown


An Autistic Person Doesn't Shoot!


When You Tie Shootings to Mental Illness 

Fearing a Stigma for People with Autism

Five important facts and misconceptions about Aspergers

I Have Aspergers I am Just Like You

Autism Awareness (One Man's iReport  About Aspergers and Newtown)

Letter to the President after Newtown Shootings by National Council  on Disability

Leave Autism Out of Mass Shootings

Our Sons Are Not Future Killers

The medias post-Newtown Autism fail

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