Saturday, December 15, 2012

Online faith pieces on the tragedy at Newtown

In the shocked numbness following the elementary school shootings in Newtown, CT yesterday,  I prayed for those affected and for all of us as a nation as we grieve and heal.  In my personal experience,witnessing the suffering of innocents has been the toughest experience that ever tested my faith. I can imagine others grappling with this would undergo many of the same feelings and challenges.

There are many online writing about the tragedy. I've compiled a list of faith-related pieces on Newtown below and will be adding to it as I find more.  Please feel free to include more in the comments. This list is meant to include all denominations and faith-related pieces, whether or not church-related. I'm also including a section for parents, in light of the nature of the tragedy.

Take off your coat and stay awhile Matt Gaventa

Newtown, CT | Rev. Evan Dolive

On the Suffering of Innocents » First Thoughts | A First Things Blog

Where were you, God? A Prayer for Newtown

Beginning to Pray: Prayer In the Face of

Where is God At Times Like These? A meditation in the wake of a violent atrocity. | Archdiocese of Washington

“This World is as Broken as It is Beautiful” – A Reflection on the Sandy Hook School Shootings

Newtown and the God who

God bless the children and teachers of Newtown, Connecticut 

Vatican Radio - Mourning victims in Newtown, Connecticut


Unspeakably Tragic

 Parents Roundtable: What Newtown Means To Our Kids, Our Faith And Our Future |

 "Communicating w nonverbal kids about todays tragedy and fear" #autism…

But for grace, we go

How do you explain the Newtown shooting to kids? (PBS- includes list of resources)

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