Monday, September 17, 2012

Challenging Money Exchanges - Quad Style

I love this well written piece about quadriplegics and trying to figure out how to handle coins with lack of dexterity.  My favorite paragraph is the one about how different folks handle trying to give the change back to the writer.

I've seen all of this over the years- cashiers who wrap coins in dollar bills or paper receipts before giving it back to me, others who patiently wait while I try to figure out a way to catch falling coins and  - my favorite - those who just sling it into the bag for me so I can have an aide sort it all out later.

Yes. Later with the change.

For this reason, I love using debit cards. No change to deal with. After nineteen years of holding up lines and watching perplexed cashiers struggle, it's a comparative breeze to use a card, even when I have to hand it over in quad fashion.

Of course there's the story about the cashier who.....

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