Monday, June 11, 2012

Why anthropomorphism rules around here

Photo caption : This is how it is around here - my cat Riley waits for breakfast.

[Image description- my white on tabby male cat Riley sits on a counter in front of a toaster oven with a package of english muffins in front of him and a toaster in the foreground. He is facing the camera.]
I know some mock those of us who anthropomorphize our pets.  But evolutionary anthropologists have discovered that socializing expands brain size in mammals.And I dare them to spend a few days around my cats. Both of my cats, Riley and Kady, are around people a lot between my friends who come over and my aides. Here are a few things they do - and other pets have done:

Riley sits in the empty place left by his bowl once the aides remove it to remind them to put it back. Granted, this could be due to desperation, but I think he's figured out that people are absent minded.

Kady hides behind Riley when aides are rushed and not in a good mood.  I think she's hiding behind her big brother.

My cat Buddy used to sit by my side and use his big paw to turn pages for me when I struggled. More than some people will do.

My cats do eat regular cat food. Riley doesn't get english muffins - yet.   And believe me they do things that demonstrate the communication problems between humans and pets.  I ran out of these small disposable bowls I put their wet cat food in and the store only had larger size bowls.  So the amount of food looks smaller. Both of them keep crying for more food, leaving the uneaten portion in the larger bowl.

It looks like they haven't figured out the different perspective - or - wait - they've found a way to get more meals!

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