Saturday, June 23, 2012

Using The Cripper and the Shorty reachers in the kitchen

Every now and then I repost about the Cripper reacher because it's been so important to me in living independently.

I've bought several reachers from, including The Cripper and a shorter version, the Shorty  These custom made, durable reachers are my main tool around the house when my aides aren't here, to assist me not only in reaching items, but to help with dexterity issues. These reachers work for quads who have enough wrist function that they can bend their hand back at the wrist. No grip or finger movement is needed.

Doug demonstrates the Cripper in this video.

The Shorty, which is shown in the photo below, is also of enormous help in the kitchen. Like the Cripper, I use it to grab water bottles out of the refrigerator, items off the counter, even to open yogurt and peel a banana (a bit messy but it works). 

I'm always finding more uses for both reachers, which I purchased a while back from my own funds (no bias in this review!)  I'm saving up to get another Shorty for my right hand - I have a left one right now- to help me do some of my paperwork more independently.

By the way customer service is excellent.

Photo of Shorty, shorter version of The Cripper, laying on a wheelchair  White loop was attached by me.

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