Friday, January 21, 2011

The aide who came in from the cold

There's a commercial on tv by Bayada Nurses showing a disabled man in a wheelchair waiting in a snowstorm for a nurse to arrive. She pulls up, comes inside and there are smiles all around.

Although this may spot seem overly dramatic to some, I've always felt this commercial hits the mark in some ways. No music plays, no cameras whir, but smiles do happen. For those of us who need aides or nurses, it's an issue finding folks who are willing to travel in all kinds of weather. Fortunately I have few disruptions in my care due to this and appreciate that people show up .

This reminds me of a day Meredith trudged over in near blizzard conditions, opened the door and stood there for a moment, then said she forgot something and had to come back. When I asked what she said "Chocolate!"

Yes, she was serious.


Meredith Gould said...

Chocolate and especially the lack thereof is neither a laughing nor smiling matter! I believe it's a violation of the Geneva Conventions to withhold chocolate from anyone.

Ruth said...

And that belief is a prerequisite for anyone who is coming in to help :)