Friday, December 24, 2010

Sleep eat pray love our neighbors

The somewhat frenetic activity of the holiday season was matched here by my kitten's schedule of sleep eat love. After hearing so much about pray eat love I vaguely wonder what the movie is about but don't have time to check

It's Christmas eve although it's 6:30 am The kitten has gone back to bed after eating and waking me up to let me know he loves me. I have been praying. For friends at war both actual and internally. For those who lack basic necessities this year. For the many who find themselves unloved, lost or forgotten. For those in prisons and other institutions. For our many brothers and sisters who need love but cannot find it. And for those who bring it to others in the form of a caring word, a hot meal or a hug.

Many still sleep. They have the day off and Christmas eve is still far away, an event to be held after final chores of last minute shopping, cooking and cleaning. These things are done with love for family and friends.

I pray that people also find time to reach out to someone in need this Christmas. Perhaps drop off a gift or meal for a neighbor in need or donate time or money to a food bank.

There's still time although it may not feel like it in the rushing around. But it's not really going to feel like Christmas eve until we find the time to love our neighbors.

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