Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cool Wheelchair Costume

via tostie14

Pictured is a person in a wheelchair dressed as a Darth Vader Tie Fighter, wearing a black suit holding a light saber with two silver shields at each side of the chair attached by a bar across his/her waist.


Disability Movies said...

Huzzah! Great costume.

Dirty Butter said...

It's been a long time since I've checked in on you, and that's my loss. I'm glad to see you are still busily crusading for disability awareness and accessibility!

And yes, someone was EXTREMELY creative with this costume idea!

Ruth said...

Thanks to both of you!

Hope you're doing well, Dirty Butter :)

Dirty Butter said...

Good to "see" you, too, Ruth. I'm doing really well. My diagnosis was changed from Parkinson's to Essential Myoclonus, which is basically not a progressive disease. Once they found the correct medicine for me, I made tremendous improvement.

I read some posts today on MS Renegade and gave her your link. That's what initially prompted me to pop in today. Now I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with you. I'll try to do better.

Ruth said...

Dirty Butter,
That's good news -very glad to hear you've had some improvement!