Friday, August 13, 2010

WheelerMom: New to the Blogroll

Wheeler Mom Button
Kara, new mom to Hannah, has started a blog called WheelerMom: Parenting with a Disability. So far, Kara has written about accessibility - now that Hannah is along for the ride, Hannah's heroes, maternity leave, and much more about being a new parent. She's also posted wonderful photos.

I'm incredibly impressed that Hannah is already reading at two months old, but not surprised.

Just click on the logo above to visit WheelerMom - and spread the word. We need more blogs about parenting with a disability!


Kara said...

LOL! Too funny Ruth...When I read that Hannah was reading, I actually paused in confusion, "She is!?" Clearly I need more sleep!
Thank-you so much for the support. She is an incredibly fun subject to write about an an even more fun injection to our family life.

Ruth said...

It's a wonderful blog and I am so happy for all of you!