Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RIP Paul Longmore

The disability community has lost a giant. Paul Longmore, a scholar, historian, activist- and more- has passed away.

It was in Paul's books I first learned about disability studies and its implications as an emerging field. More importantly, I first saw in print what I'd learned after living with a disability for a relatively short time: that nondisabled voices often speak for those with disabilities, that, in his words (pdf file] :

"Nondisabled voices have automatically assumed authority to declare what 'disability' is and what disabled people need. Disabled people have often been considered unqualified to speak for themselves, to interpret their own experience. They have frequently been rendered voiceless."

His words had an enormous impact on my work.

Much has changed over the years, but much work remains to be done. Paul Longmore will be greatly missed. I offer my condolences to those who personally knew him.


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Matthew Smith said...

Here's another.

Ruth said...

Thanks Matt.

Greg said...

That is a shame, I had heard him speak once.... great guy.