Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quadriplegic Man Tries to Finish School from Nursing Home

34 year old Paul Boyd lives at a nursing home , 12 miles away from the college he plans to start attending on August 30, while litigation is pending.

The problem is state Medicaid will not pay for him to live independently, Boyd said. Medicaid currently pays for his housing in the Chandler Health and Rehabilitation Center, where he receives around-the-clock care.

Less costly care of 10 hours a day would allow Paul to live in the community, from which he is now apart. Paul's attorneys say his case fits squarely within Olmstead, which ruled against unnecessary institutionalization of disabled people.

Boyd plans to study community counseling, but fears that the logistics of his current location will mean his plans will go on hold pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

We're still at a point where programs pay more money to institutionalize people with disabilities rather than support them living - and being productive- in the community. This is bad for everyone- including taxpayers.

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