Monday, August 2, 2010

The magnetic telescope saves the day

After finishing work today and feeling wiped out, I discovered a free cartoon app for my iPod touch with the classic episode of Superman and the Magnetic Telescope.

So because I didn't feel like moving at all, I watched the cartoon. An evil scientist, hanging out behind glass walls in an observatory, basically tells the cops to take a hike.He's sitting behind the controls for the magnetic telescope which are pretty simple in this day and age. There's a lever and one side says forward and the other says reverse. The evil scientist hits the lever forward and a mysterious comet-like fireball races toward Earth.

Lois Lane is furiously scribbling notes and - just before the fireball hits the observatory and she gets buried under a pile of debris - she calls Jimmy Olsen at the daily planet. Meanwhile the evil scientist flees.

So Clark Kent takes a taxi to the observatory. The taxicab driver flees when he sees the comet heading towards the road, so Superman emerges from the cab, flies toward the observatory, and rescues Lois. Then he's off to the roof to save the world from the mysterious comet object. Superman gets tossed back to Earth a few times before he decides to use the Mysterious Scientific Knowledge all superheroes must know and runs around setting off electrical circuitry on the top of the observatory which somehow defeats the comet-like object.

Clark Kent and Lois are reunited.

When you return to the main screen of the app and hit the more button, you're led to the app which has 16 episodes of classic Superman cartoons and costs 2.99.

By then I was recovered from my day of work.

It's amazing what a magnetic telescope can do.


Georzetta said...

I recommend all of those old Superman cartoons. I got them off of iTunes and they are wonderful.

The stories are fun and the quality of animation is just terrific. The background detail is just amazing.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Georzetta, good to know. I also found some more Superman classics on YouTube.