Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Vietnam Friendship Village

via YouTube:
In this clip from Michelle Mason's "The Friendship Village", Friendship Village founder George Mizo and other Vietnam War vets who contributed to the facility's initial work with Agent Orange victims share their motivation and compassion.

Filmmaker Michelle Mason visited the Friendship Village for the first time in 1998. "It was really clear how much the Vietnamese do with so little," she recalls. "At that point, only a certain amount of dollars had been raised and [yet] they'd built half the village. Through a lot of simplicity they were achieving great things. One thing that stood out for me was that the Vietnamese government was years and years behind when it comes to disability issues. To have kids come and learn some really basic skills -- like how to feed themselves -- was significant. It was through this journey to self-reliance that these kids were shaping their own lives and people's perceptions and attitudes."

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