Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Push Sports: a new blog

For readers who enjoy my occasional sports posts, I've started a new blog called We Push Sports. I'm also hoping it will be a way to get the word out about wheelchair/adaptive sports that are under-reported. Based on the recent response to a petition to televise the Paralympic games , I know many others agree that it's time to push this issue. Sponsorship and expanded TV coverage are key to promoting the Paralympics. Far too often, wheelchair sports stories get buried in a Lifestyle section of a newspaper and don't even receive sports page coverage. And, although many of us are interested in these events, the lack of media coverage continues.

I will also promote women's sports , which present some interesting developments as Title IX's legacy continues to grow. And, of course, I'll report on all sports, although it's important to keep in mind that there are plenty of sites that already cover the top stories on ESPN and .

With the upcoming Paralympics, I hope to help draw attention to the event and those participating in it. If anyone knows a Paralympic athlete who would like to share his/her experiences, let me know. Or if you play wheelchair/adaptive or women's sports and want me to know about your team, results or player profiles, please pass the information on via Twitter (below) or in the comments over at the blog. I'm also open to the idea of guest posts if anyone is interested in doing that.

Let the games begin!

(We Push Sports can be found on twitter at @wsportstweets )


william Peace said...

I have some good photos of me skiing In Vermont. They may look good on your new website. Let me know if you want me to send them to you.

Ruth said...

Bill -thank you!

Edward said...

Due to bad timing on my part on planning my vacation, I missed most of the Paralympics. (I was in Florida March 12-19 to attend some Detroit Tigers spring training baseball games, and had limited internet access.) But after I got back, I was able to watch the Sledge Hockey gold medal final on ParalympicSport.TV. Boy, that sport must take some serious upper body strength! I'd like to try it sometime. And yay USA for winning the gold!

Ruth said...

Sled hockey really does take serious upper body strength. I put up a video over at We Push Sports of people trying it out- and they were surprised at the workout they got! LOL

Glad you were able to see some of the Paralympics.