Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To the Rescue : Found Dogs with a Mission

The blog at seattlepi.com has a piece on this book , recommending it as a holiday read or gift. It talks about animals who have been adopted and rescued and go on to become therapy animals or service dogs.

The blog says:

Among these tales, which are illustrated with Diana Walker's beautiful photographs, are:

� Octogenarian and Delta Society Pet Partner Billie Peters and her rescued racing greyhound, Cordial Grace, who stop by a nursing home, a veterans' hospital, and a children's reading program weekly.

� Veterinarian and Delta Society Pet Partner Karen Lanz and her three-legged dog Marlee, who visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

� Blind and quadriplegic inspirational speaker Maureen Pranghofer and her service dog Ally.

� Fire Captain Fred Andes and his chocolate Lab Sadie, who do arson detection work together.

The book includes photos of the animals as well.

Just thought I'd pass this along in case anyone is looking for a gift idea. The book can be purchased at the following link and all proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations and shelters.

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Sue said...

Oh my, sis, wouldn't Shotzie be upset!! These dogs have JOOOOBBBBBSSSS! LOL Good for them!