Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas

Mark Baker, a quadriplegic who was shot last year, wanted to go home, but he and his family couldn't afford the equipment he needed to make that happen, nor does our system provide for that kind of assistance- even though being cared for at home is much less expensive. TV viewers stepped up to help him get home in time for Christmas.



william Peace said...

This is a touching video that asks all the wrong questions. I hate to be scrooge like in my comments during the season of good will but must ask why was this man forced to live in a nursing home? As you know he answer to this question is that the health care system refuses to support people with disabilities in their own home. For every person like Mr. Baker there are dozens of others rotting away of dying in substandard institutions. Grim thoughts on the day before Christmas.

Wheelie Catholic said...

I know what you mean about hating to be scrooge by bringing it up- already have two emails criticizing my comment (which I thought was mild) about our system not covering equipment/in home care. I've lived this situation for years, needing high priced equipment and care, and know friends who have rotted in nursing homes.

As you say -instead of using this story to highlight the issue that so many others with disabilities are forced to remain in nursing homes, unable to get out, the media skips over an opportunity to realistically cover this story.