Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Activist brings attention to homelessness

A CNN story highlights the work of an activist who has been using twitter and the web to show the faces of those he encounters who are currently homeless.

Mark Horvath was homeless himself fourteen years ago, but found himself looking away from those on the street once he got back on his own feet. He decided to change that by using social media to film people he met and tell their stories via social media.

You can find Horvath on Twitter at @Hardly Normal. His web tv station can be found at InvisiblePeople.tv


jdonliturgy said...

Hi, on this topic, you might find this blog interesting: http://diariesofahomelessman.blogspot.com/

John Donahue-Grossman, who just started this blog recently, created "Ray the Homeless Man" a number of years ago. He goes around experiencing life in that guise and helping others learn what it is like. His stories are fascinating.

Wheelie Catholic said...

Thanks very much for that link :) Sounds very interesting.