Friday, October 16, 2009

Olivia's brother speaks

After you listen to this video, you'll understand why I'm reluctant to say much. It's a powerful speech by a brother, whose sister Olivia has a disability, to his school. He talks about his love for her. He also talks about how people's assumptions, words and acts hurt her. He speaks for many, including those who can't speak for themselves and he also speaks for their loved ones.


r.b. said...

I am thinkful I found your blog via Richard Attfield's somehow. I belong to the "autism-hub" and he was fighting for FC on one of the blogs.

I am Catholic, born and raised and I was drawn here.

I have only seen my brilliant son ready to kill one time in my life. He would have been a short bus survivor if I had ever allowed it. He probably had among the highest IQ's in his class. But he went to special ed classes. In fact, we started homeschooling because he kept fighting back when he was called "retard" and was suspended twice. So, even if you can fight back....

Wheelie Catholic said...

Very glad you came by my blog.

Yes, I agree with you - and thank you for pointing that out. Even if you can fight back, this happens.