Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free universal text to speech software available soon

Under the weather a bit here, but wanted to post this link from The Blind Flaneur about free text to speech software from Kurzweil, to offer universal text to speech ( UTS )capabilities for ebooks. Sounds like it should be available by November.

via Publishers Weekly:

Although Kurzweil is a pioneer in creating technologies to assist the blind with reading, his new and as yet unnamed software product is aimed at both the general e-book reading market as well as the blind. In a phone interview with Kurzweil from his company’s headquarters in Massachusetts, he said not only can consumers use the software to read e-books, but the technology will allow the device its installed on to read the text aloud, in synch with a display of the text that highlights each word as it is spoken. On top of all that, he intends to offer the software for free via both downloads and CDs and told PW he expects to make money through the sale of books using the K-NFB e-reader. The software also offers high quality graphics and fonts and will even read plays aloud using different voices for different roles.

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Greg said...

thats great news, thanks.