Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Fighting Irish fight back

A female US Open player is in the news asking why the women's match was moved instead of the men's match last night. Safina questioned why, as a number one seed, her match was moved to Louis Armstrong stadium after the day matches ran overtime - instead of the men's match last night (which had number 14 and number 21 seeds playing) -and was told by officials that they preferred a five set match.

Unfortunately, Safina went on to lose her match.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, had a blowout against Nevada, beating them 35-0 after an abysmal season last year. Charlie Weis was cautiously optimistic afterwards in his press conference.

How do you keep momentum rolling from a game that was so long ago? A lot of it has to do with hunger. These guys are hungry.This was their first opportunity to show that they're a different team. It was just a good start.

Next week they face Michigan.

My blogging has gone awry since the US Open has been in town. The live streaming is great, not to mention the blow by blow comments on Twitter by tennis fans at #usopen. Makes me miss tennis a bit.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend.

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